1-6 September 2017: Trends in home appliances at IFA 2017 in Berlin

1-6 September 2017: Trends in home appliances at IFA 2017 in Berlin

The trends in home appliances at IFA 2017: Innovative, interconnected, sustainable and efficient. The latest products and innovations from the leading manufacturers of large and small home appliances will again be in the spotlight from 1 to 6 September 2017 at IFA in BerlinIFA is the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances.

This is the tenth year that manufacturers of major and small domestic appliances will be exhibiting their many innovative products at IFA in Berlin. From 1 to 6 September 2017 a wide range of products representing every type of appliance and highlighting everything the industry has to offer will again be on display to the retail trade and consumers.
More and more large and small electrical appliances are connected and feature smart applications. These appliances are controlled by mobile devices and apps that can access their current program status, messages, as well as maintenance, repair and service information. Sensors can track user behaviour and suggest improvements via an app. Built-in cameras offer a remote view of the inside of an oven or fridge.

This opens up the way for even more new applications, functions and digital services offering fun and a quality experience. What’s more, they save time and effort and offer plenty of tips, for instance on how to save energy, do the washing or new recipes and ways of cooking. Connected appliances can also exchange information. This makes it possible to optimise laundry drying or control several appliances via a single control panel. These smart functions satisfy the users’ desire for appliances that can make intelligent decisions and make day-to-day work easier by offering improved operation, better safety and greater energy efficiency.

In major domestic appliances, the “shooting star” is to be found in the kitchen, according to ZVEI, with induction cooking (21% +), and cooking with steam +16%, ahead of washer-dryers +10%. Smart MDA saw a growth of +105% from 2015-2016.

In the SDA market, there’s still big growth in fully automatic coffee machines, along with robot vacuum cleaners, food preparation – smoothie makers, multi-cookers, and personal care. Re-chargable hand-stick vacs were up 35% in sales last year, connected personal scales +50%, electric toothbrushes +13 and robot vacs +16%.

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