Augmented Reality IIoT project gained extensive press coverage

Augmented Reality IIoT project gained extensive press coverage

FirsT, a IRS srl sister company, developed an Augmented Reality IIoT project using sensors and 3D glasses to analyze the state of the appliances.The main italian press agency ANSA gave extensive media echo to the project.

Augmented reality project is called ‘Flash Lens’, it enable to visualise on the glasses the status of refrigerators. The “Flash lens” system measure in real time data appliance status and can reveal a fault condition or problem. A network of sensors applied to the appliance which allow to detect different operating parameters, such as temperature, the compressor efficiency and the energy consumption  The information  are collected by the data acquisition system, developed on the National Instruments® platform, and then snet to the glasses by wi-fi . In the future the system may be availalble for ovens, washing machines and coffee machines.

Press news coverage besides ANSA  was given by Messagero Veneto newspaper and a number of interested websites: libero, scoopnet, ..

The project were also hilighted by RAI, the italian public TV network, and a short extract can be seen in IRS srl you tube channel.

FirsT is an innovative company established in Pordenone technology.