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Over 50 climatic chambers and testing systems installed at Electrolux Susegana

IRS installed 50 new, two- and four-station, climate chambers at the Electrolux refrigerator manufacturing facility in Susegana. These chambers are necessary in the Elextrolux testing laboratories to perform tests on refrigerators: different climatic environments are recreated that allow to test the life and performance of household appliances by adapting to the climate in different parts […]

How to save 50% in production testing times: the Electrolux Professional

  Better products on the market in shorter times. The challenges of manufacturing are increasingly complex. Digital twins are an important answer to meet the challenge: digital twins make it possible to verify product quality in half the time improving the quality and reliability of the devices. Digital twins combine physical measurements with digital models […]

Nanoparticle filtering with Electrostatic precipitators

IRS presents an interesting paper at 15th International Conference on Electrostatic Precipitation ICESP 2016 in Poland. The paper decribes nanoparticle and fine particle collection efficiency using an electrostatic precipitator. Specific physical processes are described in detail. We also have a stand during the conference and we will help ESP School student with ORCHIDEE, IRS  Electrostatic […]