Air pollution control engineering

Consulting and engineering services in the field of the electrostatic precipitator, combustion flue gas and polluting gas removal.

Electrostatic precipitation experts

We offer R&D, modeling and  engineering  services in the field of electrostatic precipitation and air pollution control device.

Electrostatic precipitator and bag filters

Concerning air pollution control and in particular on electrostatic precipitator IRS has a more than twenty years know-how of technological innovation, in collaboration with national and international research centres and with the biggest european electrical and glass manufacturing companies . Such competences has been applied both on research and on industrial production plant.

  • characterization of the system
  • smart monitoring
  • technical assistance
  • sizing and tender verification
  • training and maintenance optimization

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ORCHIDEE ESP simulation software: design, optimize and training

ORCHIDEE is a simulation software for the operation of the electrostatic precipitators (ESP) in coal fired Power Plants. The package has a user-friendly interface easy to use with a very light training.

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ORCHIDEE simulation software enable plant staff to understand major ESP problems: by changing plant or ESP parameters it is possible to review instantly any modification of the operating conditions.

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Better ESP performances may induce revenue gains as high as 1 million Euro, avoiding power production losses and penalties. EDF is currently used by 7 coal power plants in France and UK. Orchidee is co-owned by EDF and IRS.

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Flue gas treatment

IRS has an advanced know-how on treatment of combustion flue gases , both on chemical and on electrical aspects. Knowledge includes plasma reactor consulting for laboratory and industrial protype development. Main application are:

  • Conditioning for industrial environment : organic volatile hydrocarbons, vapours of solvent, paint
  • Toxic gas treatment : diluted gaseous products in air, decontamination of polluted lands by hydrocarbons, post-treatment of filters to active carbons, treatment of polluted surfaces

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