Bio-process automation

We offer bio-process measurement, model and control.

Cellular and organ process automation

We develop with customers in-vitro cellular and organ process automation and machine learning algorithms.
We are part of Smart Health Cluster CBM.

Flexible solution for bio-process repeatability.


Measurements and signal analysis in real-time.  A typical setup include:

  •  Static measurements like temperatures, pH,ORP
  • Dynamic measurements like electric signals, biological signals, flows,
    pressures, sounds (e.g. aortic valves), high speed cameras (e.g. cell growth adhesion, viable cell density, ..)
  • System control  like Pressure or Flow control of medium colture with pumps/actuators
  • Real time signal analysis, samples/waveforms visualization and feed-back control

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What customer made with our hardware  and support

Circulating Tumor Cells Detector

Challenge   Finding a more flexible and lower cost detection system for the very rare circulating tumor cells (1 to 10/billion cells), which are tumor cells circulating in the blood that are shed from tumors and can be the seeds of secondary tumors, so they may provide a wealth of information on metastatic mechanisms, disease progression, and treatment susceptibility.

Solution Splitting the macroscopic blood sample into picoliter-nanoliter droplets containing single cells using a system based on CompactRIO that helps detect circulating tumour cells (CTCs) by analyzing pH changes and/or lactate production in the extracellular compartment of individual cells without the need for surface-antigen labelling, which enables viable CTCs to be isolated for further characterization.

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Circulating Tumor Cells Detector


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