Cooking appliance endurance test rig: life test automation for manufacturers

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Cooking appliance endurance test rig

Cooking appliance endurance test rig

D Food preparation and cooking appliance endurance test rigs run endurance assessment according to laboratory internal standard. It is the preferred choice for cooking appliance manufacturers.  Endurance tests are run in an accurate test rig that automatically measures and collects data from cooking appliance in real time during the scheduled number of cooking cycles. Our test rigs are already in operation in manufacturing plants and have five star review from our customers.

Cooking appliance  (oven, hobs and food preparation devices) endurance test rigs are hardware and software systems that are specifically manufactured for assessing appliance feature reliability over time . Test rigs include a software allowing test measurement recordings, alarms on thresholds and data reporting using a central database. Endurance test rigs includes hardware and software enabling cooking appliance life test execution flexibility. The software allows cooking program definition and can be run automatically using the relay outputs from the system. Cookers can run cyclically cooking programs during hours, days or weeks as defined by software users.

Cooking appliance endurance test rig hardware

  • National Instruments data acquisition measurement system with modules for thermocouples, analog input and digital I/O
  • Sensors: temperature (64 thermocouple inputs and 8 insulated thermocouple inputs), , voltage, current, power and energy (2 analog inputs)
  • Programmable voltage generator with variable frequency and voltage
  • Actuators: relay (8 relay outputs)
  • PC workstation

Cooking appliance endurance test rig software

  • Cooking appliance feature and behaviour are monitored using data sensors
  • Sensor data are automatically associated to the endurance test project and stored in the laboratory data base
  • Automatic reporting on life test/endurance test showing pass or failure test,  measured data variation in time, index on cooking appliance performance

Measurement data shown during the endurance test or part of it

  • Temperature
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Power
  • Energy

Sensor measurement accuracy

  • Temperature: ± 1K
  • Voltage, current: ±0.5 %
  • Frequency: ±0.1 %
  • Electric Power: ±1%
  • Electric Energy: ±1%

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