Automatic washing machine test station IEC-60456

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Automatic washing machine test station IEC-60456

i Our automatic washing machine test station IEC-60456 is designed  to run automatically the performance tests of clothes washing machines as required by the IEC-60456 standard.

Automatic tests run in a high accuracy station that automatically measures and collects data from the washing machine in real time during the programme and send data to a central database after washing cycle. The system has been designed to give indispensable support for the design and performance assessment of the appliance functionality.  Performance test following IEC-60456 are : energy consumption, water consumption, washing performance, water extraction performance, rinsing performance, programme time.

Specific performance IEC-60456 tests included

  • Energy consumption
  • Water consumption
  • Washing performance
  • Water extraction performance
  • Rinsing performance
  • Programme time

Test station IEC-60456 system hardware

  • High precision National Instruments measurement system
  • Sensors: thermocouples for temperature measurements, voltage and current transducers for electric measurements
  • Instruments: input water meter, electronic scale, reflectance meter, power meter
  • Hardware interface to washing machine control board
  • PC workstation

Sensor measurement accuracy

  • Temperature: ± 1K
  • Drum speed: ± 2 rpm
  • Voltage, current: ±0.5 %
  • Frequency: ±0.1 %
  • Electric Power: ±1%
  • Electric Energy: ±1%
  • Inlet Water: ±0.05 l
  • Outlet Water: ±0.05 l
  • pH meter: better than ±05 pH units
  • Tritation: tolerance 0.01 g

Test station IEC-60456 software features

  • Automatic system for data acquisition, plot and numeric visualization and test control in real-time
  • Automatic connection to project planning
  • Automatic generation of test report
  • Calibration management
  • Automatic update of SQL Database: test results, test planning, test report, calibration issues

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