HVAC test and validation solutions

We manufacture our systems and write data acquisition and analysis software.

Test and measurement solutions for HVAC

We have a complete HVAC test solution portfolio for hvac functional validation and certification. We work with all the main HVAC manufacturers to improve products and prototyping.

HVAC test system suite

Test systems for functional and performance testing of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning machines. We partner with main HVAC manufacturer to develop and make testing solutions. Our best selling hardware and software test system are:

  • Environmental and calorimetry chambers
  • Aerodynamic Tunnel for validation and standard compliance
  • Data acquisition and analysis tools for data monitoring and smart diagnostic

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CHP machine testing and validation

Combined heat and power (CHP) device needs careful efficiencies evaluation both from the thermal point of view and from the energy point of view. IRS design and manufacture specific CHP test and measurement systems to precisely measure and monitor energetic performance and ISO standard requirements. Our test systems scale from Micro CHP to Industrial CHP and CHP for district heating.

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Test systems for HVAC components

HVAC components are devices used by air conditioning and heating machine manufacturers. These components requires demanding test systems in terms of measurement accuracy, flexibility and ease of use.
IRS has created many specific test solutions for the main components of an HVAC machine such as heat exchangers, fans, pumps, compressors, valves, thermostats, etc.  Components test systems examples are:

  • Tunnel for heat exchangers tests
  • Compressors test Benches
  • Water/water and air/water chiller compliance testing

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