Structural health monitoring solutions

We design, manufacture and integrate systems
for mechanical and civil structure monitoring

Structural-X : the structural  monitoring platform

Structural-X is is a complete structural health monitoring solution. Monitoring version is suited for long term and in situ applications as monitoring of historical sites, buildings, bridges, dams and tunnels. The portable version is suited for laboratory tests and one shot structural assessments.

IRS Structural health division

IRS SHM division designs, develops and integrates automated systems for mechanical and structural monitoring

  • Static measurements (displacement, strain, environmental parameters)
  • Local or distributed dynamic measurements (speed, acceleration, strain)
  • Real time signal analysis and waveforms visualization
  • Local storage and data transfer by 3G modem-router devices
  • Remote configuration and control

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Structural-X Monitoring : long term monitoring

Structural-X Monitoring is a product  is specifically suited for long term and in situ applications as monitoring of historical or significant buildings, monitoring of foundation, bridges, dams and tunnels. Main characterstics are :

  • Distributed system using master-slave architecture
  • Multiple and mixable sensors acquisition: accelerometer, strain/load cell ..
  • Synchronization options: GPS, physical or EtherCAT
  • 24bit dynamic measurement resolution up to 1KS/s per channel;
  • Protecting Enclosure, UPS, Supervisory industrial monitor
  • Software application enabling configuration, acquisition, processing and logging

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Strucutural-X box - structural monitoring

Structural-X lab for insitu and lab tests

Structural-X box is a portable solution for static and dynamic in-situ structural health test or in-lab measurements. The all in one solution is based on flexible data acquisition hardware and specialized software for data management and analysis. Main features are:

  • Wired and wireless National Instruments based measurement hardware
  • Third party component integration (routers, enclosures, industrial PC, sensors)
  • LabVIEW software application for channels configuration, data acquisition and visualization, calculations, log and UMTS/3G data transfer

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