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Our test engineering services

Solution for design, prototype, manufacture and quality measurement and validation. We develop custom solution for our customers and deliver worldwide. Here a list of systems and services from our solution portfolio:

  • Burn-in test development
  • Test and yield measurement and analysis
  • Manufacturing test and statiscal validation
  • Automated Test Equipment design and manufacture
  • Functional test stations
  • Test specification and software development
  • Hardware/software/firmware diagnostic routines
  • Custom test benches for quality and standard validaton
  • Modular instrumentation and instrument support and calibration sevice

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Build to print test solutions

Since 20 years we design and manufacture testing and validation solution. Leverage our engineering expertise and manufacture track record to boost your product quality, improve your prototype and track product performance. We manufacture rugged and cost-effective test stations. We have a trusted network of technology supplier. Our project management system and job scheduling define delivery time and excellent system quality. Our test system include software integration and database connectivity. We are a ISO 9001 company. We deliver worldwide and provide functional checklist and acceptance tests. Contact us to manufacture your test system.

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Professional services

We offer professional service in the field of test system software, data storage and analysis, hardware integration and real-time embedded device and application , software validation, test automation physical and model based modeling. Take advantage of our technical and consulting expertise. Complete your team with test system experts on a short, mid or long-term basis.

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