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T he digital revolution industry 4.0 allows to obtain sensible savings and improvements to efficiency. Enabling technologies as cloud, numerical models, IoT, wearable devices, allow companies to compete on national and international market.

This is our job: being a qualifying partner for manifacturing companies. We are an industrial system integrator working, since over 20 years, in the sector of measurement applications, control, automatic test and software developments.  We support companies and universities in the choice of technologies, we develop software solutions and laboratory tests, we plan the application of enabling technologies in the production procedures, both in systems and machines.

The advent of the Industry 4.0 enabling technologies is a big opportunity. IRS is a technological partner which supports and guides the present and future corporate customers in the hard choices which come out to the technicians and to the management.

  • Industrial IoT: our measurement and test systems are meant to be connected to the company network and to the cloud.
  • Analytics: we use instruments and models that allow data anlysis and personalised dashboards.
  • Wearable device: we simplify the communication between the man and the machine with specific devices, from smart glass to industrial displays and smartphones.
  • Instruments to work better: synergistic robots, quickened test, normative validation. The approach used by IRS is to check with the customer the current situation, define the possible technological improvement and to make a plan considering a costs-benefits analysis : a team of experts will follow the customer, giving him support to face this challenge.

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