Structural monitoring of Cittadella’s walls

Structural monitoring of Cittadella’s walls

IRS has recently developed a structural monitoring system for the walls of Cittadella (PD)

Cittadella is the only walled city in Europe having a medieval Ronda walkway, elliptical in shape and completely walkable. The walls date back to 1220 and have been recently restored. As a result, they are now visitable with a panoramic walk 15 meters high.

For years, IRS creates systems for static and dynamic structural monitoring for different types of buildings and structures, bridges, wind turbines. Our company collaborates actively with entities and companies to study, through surveys, these degenerative phenomena on historic or prestigious buildings.

IRS produces the Structural-X: a structural monitoring system which can monitor the various types of structures 24 hours a day with systems installed on site, or even with remote control.
StructuralX is a line of hardware and software products for static and dynamic monitoring for the study of vibrations and deformations.

In the case of Cittadella, the IRS StructuralX monitoring system provides compact measurement boxes wirelessly connected to each other and a centralized collection system at the client’s premises.

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