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Safety test bench for cooking appliances according to EN-30, IEC-60335

We produce safety test stations for cooking appliances that perform safety tests as required by the standards according to EN-30 (gas) and IEC-60335-2-6 (electrical).

The tests are performed in a high-precision station that automatically measures and collects data, from over 900 thermocouples and energy meters, in real time during the cooking process.

Our test stands are already operational in production plants in Europe and South America. The safety test station for cooking appliances can be used for safety tests on ovens and cooking appliances where temperature maps and electrical compliance are required.

The test station includes software that allows test measurements to be recorded and reported on a central database. Safety tests included are: oven temperature compliance, surface temperature verification and component temperature. The temperature acquisition system can be set up for testing with a dihedral temperature map, a trihedron temperature map or configurations with complex temperature mapping geometries. The kitchen safety test station is modular and allows the configuration of up to 8 test walls with thermocouples and offers the possibility to display transients.

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